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ROSE' D'ANJOU I have reviewed in this column mainly the rose' wines of the Provence area of France, which remains the most popular style (Whispering Angel, Mi Mi, Montaud, Minuty, Estandon). However, other areas of France also produce fine rose' wines. Anjou in the Loire Valley is one such place. The appellation (a legally defined and protected area) ROSE' D'ANJOU produced over four (4) million gallons of rose' wine in 2016. This wine is slightly sweet (off-dry), full of flavor, with aromas and flavors of strawberry, citrus, and hints of rose petal. Taste and see!

NAPA VALLEY STERLING VINEYARDS SAUVIGNON BLANC Not as intense and fruit-forward as the Sauvignon Blanc wines of New Zealand, nevertheless, the same aromas and flavors are present: grapefruit, lemon citrus, lime, and peach, but much more subdued. This wine is more in the style of Sauvignon Blanc wines of France, Chile, and California. I was drinking Sauvignon Blanc from Chile for several years before those from New Zealand became so popular. It is a very food-friendly wine, complementing rather than overpowering food. But, chacon a son gout, as the French would say: (literally) each to his/her own taste; or, in other words, one shouldn't argue when it comes to taste; or, you can't compare apples and oranges. Taste and see!