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Wine of the Week

The Rose' Grand Tasting held on June 10th was a huge success. Nearly 50 rose' wines from all corners of the world were tasted. We at Harney's hope that you have found your favorites. Enjoy them throughout the Summer and beyond; rose' wines are not just for the Summer.

CHATEAU DE L'AUMERADE ROSE' PROVENCE, FRANCE made from a blend of Syrah, Cinsault, and Grenache grapes, which is typical of the style in the Provence area, the style of choice now in the United States. Crisp and dry, with aromas and flavors of peach and nectarine. Very refreshing.

HOOK & LADDER CHARDONNAY, RUSSIAN RIVER VALLEY, CALIFORNIA is a traditional California oaked Chardonnay. The style now is toward a lighter and drier Chardonnay, similar to a French Chardonnay, but I enjoy both styles, depending on what I'm eating. Europeans, generally speaking, drink wine with food. A pasta with cream sauce or chicken/seafood in a butter sauce pairs perfectly with an oaked, creamy, and buttery Chardonnay, such as Hook & Ladder; lighter summer fare pairs well with an unoaked or partially-oaked Chardonnay. But, to each his/her own, we like something because we like it, period. This Chardonnay exhibits aromas and flavors of apple-butter, lemon, and pear, with a presence of vanilla (from the oak). A smooth mouthfeel and long finish.