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Wines of the Week

The market has become flooded with Rose' wines. More and more vineyards are jumping on the Rose' bandwagon. Sales have increased dramatically. Some wineries are more successful than others. We at Harney's will attempt to choose the very best Rose' wines from around the world, wines that express a full range of styles, and review them in this column throughout the Summer.

BORSAO ROSE' (Spain) I'm always amused at the centuries-old battle between Spain (Garnacha) and France (Grenache), each claiming to be the origin of the Grenache grape; however, it seems to have originated on the isle of Sardinia, a part of Italy. Whatever! Borsao Rose' is 100% Garnacha. It is a rich and fruity, tasty, inexpensive, good everyday Rose'.

90+ ROSE' (France) 40% Cinsault, 35 Grenache, 15 Syrah, 10 Mouvedre.This Rose' is in the Provence, France, style: light, dry, crisp, with hints of strawberry and cherry. Very refreshing and food-friendly.

BENVOLIO TOSCANA ROSSO (Italy) This light and fruity red wine from Italy may be classified as a Summer Red. If the wine is chilled for about 30 minutes, the unpleasant taste of alcohol, which becomes pronounced in red wines in hot weather, will disappear. So, there is no reason to give up red wine for the summer. Try it and see! Other light and fruity red wines that may be considered as Summer Reds are First Crush Sangiovese and Santa Cristina.

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